To be recongnized as an institution of Research and Development in Somalia.  



Gateway Institute is committed to social stability by offering economic recovery and growth, good governance and social responsibility, and increase social cohesion  







Objectives / Goals:


  • Elevate individual and family income through entrepreneurship programs 
  • Reduce business failures through continues support.
  • Promote good governnce and social responsibility
  • Deliver technology government for both government and non government agencies
  • Make government employee tech savvy
  • Promote women's rights as human rights 



Core Value Statements:


  • Engagement: We promote an open environment that empowers stakeholders with a voice in the planning and decision-making process


  • Learning: We believe in creating dynamic, positive and challenging environments that enhance teaching and learning.


  • Excellence: We commit to quality and responsiveness and expect excellence in all that we do.


  • Partnerships: We encourage collaboration, teamwork and cooperation in promoting partnerships locally, regionally and internationally.


  • Inclusion: We value the contribution and worth of all individuals and ideas and believe that diversity is a competitive advantage for succeeding in a global society


  • Individuals: We strive to inspire individuals to become creative and critical thinkers and to assist them in discovering their full potential.


  • Innovation: We embrace a culture of continuous innovation and quality improvement that encourages creativity, flexibility and risk taking.


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