Gateway Institute's leadership provides inspiration, objectives, operational oversight, and other administration services to a organization. Our leaders prioritize objectives for subordinates and can provide guidance toward achieving the overall organization's vision. 





Tarabi Jama, Founder and the Executive Director of Gateway Institute. He presided at all meetings of the staffs, supervised the long-term goals and purposes of the organization, signed and delivered documents on behalf of the organization. He has day-to-day responsibilities for the organization, including carrying out the organization’s goals and policies including hiring and supervision of staff, and preparation of annual budgets and financial statements. Jama was Bush Foundation Fellow (2011-2013) to identify the root causes and the effects of youth violence and Islamic radicalization on the young American men of Somali descent who return their war-torn homeland, where they are believed to join Al-Shabab, a fundamentalist terrorist group that are affiliated to Al-Qaida. He critically reviewed on the current Islamic radicalization literature, shed the light the existing literature that focus too narrowly on certain aspects of Islam on which extremists have used to justify their cause of violence, and further studied interdependency stages of Islamic radicalization and extremism, in which individuals go through, such as risk for faith reinterpretation. Jama received his Master of Arts in Management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota in 2006. 


Numan Shaikh, Program Evaluater. Numan worked as a case manger in Family Stabilization Services program at Hennepin County. Numan has been active member of East African community participating in community discourse toward improving community business, civic education and leadership. Numan received his B.A in Political Science in University of Delhi, India.  


Qali A. Kadiye, Women Economic Empowering and focuses on bringing down the systemic barriers standing in the way of scalable and sustainable change. Facilitates dialogue, build global learing connections, and promote effectivene practice and polocy to address the needs of vulnerable women in our communities.


Luis  Sio Jo, Grants and Resource Development Professional. Luis has over thirty years exprience on grants writing and resource development. He develop individual grant proposals in accordance with each grant making organization's prefences and follow exactly each grant-making organization's guidelines. Work closely with granting agencies to clarify policies, procedures, and interpretation of applicaiton instructions.









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