Unemployment and under-employment harm individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities. Gateway Institute’s Job Readiness and Job Skills   

          Development & Training Program being real, tangible, direct and indirect social and economic benefits, not only for those employed, but for all members of            the community as a whole.


The first Component is Career Skills Readiness.  Participants include Fourteen (16) years old and up; and Immigrant and Low income families. Demographic Area: Great Metropolitan Areas especially Hennepin, Ramsey, Dakota and Stearns counties.


Objective: Immigrants and low-income communities have necessary skills for getting, keeping and being successful in a job.  Objectives: (a) Learn basic, intermediate, and proficiency computer literacy, (b) Word Processing: Microsoft Office, (c) Learn developing resume and cover letter, (d) Learn creating email accounts, (e) Internet job search, (f) Learn online registration for job search purposes, (g) Study job market trends, (h) Learn interview skills. 


The second Component is Soft Skills Training. Participants include Fourteen (16) years old and up. Goal: Minority and new immigrant community improve English Language proficiency and gain soft skills for job success. Objectives: (a) Improve one’s communication, language and personal habits, (b) Improve one’s interpersonal skills and enhance relationships with other people, (c) Learn decision-making skills, (d) Develop lifelong learning skills, (e) Learn English language with emphasis on speaking and writing.




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