Entrepreneurship: Start a business, Grow your business, Finance your business 


Starting a business means making serious and difficult decisions; however, our clients don’t have to do it alone. Our entrepreneurship training is culturally appropriate business training which brought the resources they need to get their business started and thrive. Whether they’re sitting down to write their business plan, wondering about legal obligations, finding market niche or researching their financing options, they’ll find the information they need right here. 


Financial Literacy (Financial Well-being):

The Financial Literacy Component involves learning financial literacy and financial responsibility training. Participants include fourteen (16) years old and up; Immigrant and Low income families. Demographic Area: Great Metropolitan Areas especially Hennepin, Ramsey, Dakota and Stearns counties: To save, invest, stay out of debt and have more money saved for retirement. 


 Objectives: (a) Analyzing skills using financial literacy (b) Budgeting to create savings: Create spending plans; important financial records to keep; buying for value; setting up monthly savings goals. (c) Debt reduction and asset building: Improve debt-to-savings ratio; Avoid carrying unnecessary credits; Negotiate for better interest rates; Avoid payday lending and other predatory lenders.  (d) Building Good Credit: Pay bills on time to avoid late fees and higher interest; Monitor their credits and accounts; Sign-up for online bill payment. (e) Consumer Protection: Avoid identify theft; Shredding financial and business records; Knowing your rights. (f) Good Education: Live within your means, save early and save often, and gather information to spend wisely. (g) Study Financial Statements: Financial planning, financial control, financial and decision-making. They will also learn taxes, investing, legal documents, and basics of acquiring property.



So are you ready to be an entrepreneur?  Our business counselors provide personal advice, feedback, and information to help our clients: 

• Assess, confirm, and enhance your current plans 
 Discover & evaluate new opportunities, and 
• Acquire new ideas (creativity)

 Business Plan Writing Course Goals:


Session 1:    Entrepreneurship: What does it means to you? 

Session 2:    Executive Summary

Session 3:    Product and Services 

Session 4:    Management and Organization

Session 5:    Technology in Business

Session 6:    Marketing Plan

Session 7:    Financial Plan I and II

Session 8:    Graduation 



Business Plan Development 


1. (4 weeks in class & 4 weeks one-on-one consultation with the trainer) - Why a business plan is important?

2. . Topics covered include market analysis, product & services, accounting, marketing, operations management, leadership, risk management, and more

3. Classes meet once a week for two hours each. 

4. The program is offered both in English and Somali

5. The program is offered four times (quarterly) a year

Consulation with trainers: One-on-One

During the 4 weeks of one-on-one consultation with the trainers, new entrepreneurs will also learn some of the basic rules of business that haven't gone away with digital age advance. 

1. Monitorign and Evaluation skills

2. Time Management and organization

3. Goal Setting 

4. Delegation

5. Public Speaking and Presentation

Relationship Building

6. Passion and Determination 

7. Entrepreneurship Innovation Skills 

8. Desire to Learn

9. Flexibiltiy and Adoptability 

10. Business Communication 

11. Customer Focus

12. Social Technology - Facebook, Linkedln, and twitter

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