Gateway Institute understands the central and the state governments of Somalia have lack of public affairs and resource management. We created programs that promotes justice and peace that protects individual's human rights and civil liberties. We measure good governance what government do on the rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, consensus oriented, equity and inclusiveness, effectiveness and efficienc and accountibility.  


We also offered a variety of civic education circles to educate the public about the importance of having a fair and free election, the influence of women and minority communities on political participation, and to recognize challenges and opportunities facing civic education in the 21st century. We belive civic learning should be given a priority in all states and local districts of Somalia.


Since Gateway Institute is leading civi education trainings, it’s necessary to reach out Somali’s civil societies including media to open democratic dialogue on issues that most affect people's life such as political rights, freedom of association, freedom of religion, access to information through mass media, and learn civic tolerance so that citizen can enjoy diverse conceptions of the goods.

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