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Gateway Institute for Research and Development was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2009 in response to growing needs of social stabitiy and  economic recovery after period of political lawlessness, extremism and government incompetence. We found that economic growth and good governance play a vital role on social cohesion. Gateway Institute focuses on how all the various parts of the Somali society fit together. 


With the economic recovery, we came a plan that contained numerous initiatives intended to help entrepreneurs and small businesses in Somalia's urban communities. We offer entrepreneurship trainings with the emphasis of business plan writitng to learn what make businesses succeed and why they failed. They learn the foundation of their business (Mission, Vission, and Values). They learn setting goals, organize what they need to do, how they need to do it, inspire confidence in their business plan in prospective stake holders who are key to the survival and success of their business. They learn that a business plan is an action plan, a road map, and a sale tool. They learn to defin niche in the marketplace. 


We also conduct project management, risk assessments, book keeping, business cycle analysis training for small business. Our goal here is to increase number of individuals going into business including minority communities and reduce or totally eliminate business failures that happen due to lack of resource and support. We conducted number of surveys over the past few years that indicated lack of those trainings are hindering the kind of economic recovery and growth we looking for. So, In 2013, we launched new trainings focusing on Microsoft Office applications, QuickBooks for accounting, payroll, invoicing, reporting, and more,  email, and web and social skills.


We also have development institutions of good governance that include election monitoring, political party support, combating corruption, building independent judiciaries, security sector reform, improved service delivery, transparency of government accounts, decentralization, civil and political rights, government responsiveness and the stability of the regulatory environment for private sector activities. 


With good governance, we will conduct IT needs assessment. A true needs assessment requires that all possible needs be identified. Determining whether they are realistic, necessary and affordable comes at a later point in the planning process. The assessment must align with the business goals and for IT plan.


And through civic educaiton, we conducted number of programs and workshops, such as youth leadership and development workshop, Civic education classes, conflict resolution sessions and women and human rights forums.



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