Gateway Institute aims to assist individuals from East African community in Minnesota to have entrepreneurship training with emphasis of having business plan writing in place. The program funded by the Initiative Foundation in St. Cloud, MN is to give clients ability to forecast, allocate resources, focus on key points, and prepare for problems and opportunities. We further create economic and demographic profiles to decision makers so that decisions can be made using the most timely and accurate data.

Entrepreneurship Training
Entrepreneurship: Start a business, Grow your business, Finance your business. Starting a business means making serious and difficult decisions; however, our clients don’t have to do it alone. Our entrepreneurship training is culturally appropriate business training which brought the resources they need to get their business started and thrive. Whether they’re sitting down to write their business plan, wondering about legal obligations, finding market niche or researching your financing options, or financial education and management, they’ll find the information they need right here.

So are you ready to be an entrepreneur? Our business counselors provide personal advice, feedback, and information to help our clients:
• Assess, confirm, and enhance your current plans
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We also consult entrepreneurs that would like to see their business grow and expand effectively and efficiently and as well as succeeding nationwide. Small businesses will have strategic management methods, assisting for purchasing new technologies, product marketing consultation, understanding product life cycle, critical thinking development, planning/design, executing, monitoring, and closing.


We will offer the approaches, methods, and techniques used by community developers, which include intercultural dialogue, solving problems, finding out about the community's needs, problems, and barriers. We will also develop new opportunities and monitoring existing projects. And we will also advocate community development through education and civic education with the emphasis of voter education. 


For any questions or concerns, please contact to us at 

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