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Once our clients have successfully launched their start-up business, they have the ongoing challenge of managing it. Their business needs to nurture and to grow profitability while at the same time sticking to laws and regulations that govern their business. As a business owner or a manager, they must also make decisions that affect their business every day. This section provides a variety of resources that will help them run their business smoothly or exit their venture if they decide to take a different direction.

Gateway Institute consultants exist to help individuals realize their dreams of starting and growing a business. Our business counselors help you by providing mentoring, direction, and links to resources and funding. What makes us different? Our business counselors are entrepreneurs themselves and know how to write business plans and create bank packages. We are also very affectionate of technology and are implementing state-of-the-art features to educate you and make your life easier. Our business management consulting sector has books, videos, tapes, handouts, and periodicals, -all available for you about using in researching small business topics. Computers also provide for them to use in writing and studying business plans and proposals.

Gateway Institute's business consultant is a service hub that is designed to support an individual’s business and connects the world market. At the center, they will find a wealth of information about many subjects that affect their small business, from planning and financing to marketing and insurance. The Center has a business library, plus PC-based Internet access to magazines and newspapers nationwide, for their research on a variety of business topics. There are videos and cassettes for them to use, as well as literature and self-help guides. At the business management consultant, individuals can learn more about starting their own business, preparing a business plan, understanding the global market, networking, and much more.


Also, this program is intended to inspire wealth and job creation for entrepreneurs and businesses by increasing the availability of ongoing, structured, one-on-one client engagement; providing on-site business development services; and assisting in starting, strengthening, or expanding business operations. The program serves business owners/entrepreneurs with low and moderate incomes and those in traditionally underserved communities including people of color and those with limited English proficiency. Our business consultants will also give you ideas relates to a manufacturing process, buying appropriate equipment, finding raw materials, and knowing different types of manufacturing and retail business.


Business training and workshops offered by our center include:

1. Business Plan Writing 

2. Strategic Management for Business 

3. Business Communication Development

4. Basic rules of business success that haven't gone away with digital age 

5. Sales 

6. Human Resource Management

7. Total Quality Management 

.8. Business & Technology

9. Organization Development Consulting & Training

10. International Business: Globalization Market /Customers

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