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Gateway Institute for Research and Development was established in 2008 in response to the growing needs of minority communities in Minnesota particularly the new immigrants for entrepreneurship opportunities and employment training.  With these needs in view, our organization had chosen to adopt culturally appropriate approach to engage these communities in order to provide targeted services that will have the maximum impact. In area of Entrepreneurship, we developed specific trainings that will generate interest in entrepreneurship, help in credit building, create business plan and secure funding.


As for existing minority owned business entities, Gateway Institute successfully created programs that provided strong support through trainings in risk assessments, marketing techniques, book keeping, project management, business cycle analysis and business plan development for expansion possibilities. Our goal here is to increase number of individuals going into business among minority communities and reduce or totally eliminate business failures that happen due to lack of resource and support.


Gateway Institute, on the other hand, conduced number of surveys over the past few years that indicated the following issues are also responsible for hindering the progress of considerable number of individuals among minority groups. These barriers are included but not limited to illiteracy, low English proficiency, lack of basic computer skills, poor work history and other cultural barriers. To help deal with the situation, Gateway launched new trainings in 2013 focusing on basic computer and intermediate skills, job search techniques and referral support services.


We are also committed to prevent and combat other social issues such as radicalization, gang culture, drug addiction and other violent crimes. Gateway Institute conducted number of programs and workshops addressing above mentioned social ills namely, youth leadership and development, Civic education, conflict resolution and women and human rights forums.




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