We found that economic growth and good governance play a vital role on social cohesion. Gateway Institute focuses on how all the various parts of the Somali society fit together. 


Gateway Institute is working to increase social stability through poverty elevation, combating extremism in Somalia, and improve government relationships. Government Agencies of all sizes and complexities to deliver successful results. With strong expertise in technology, project and resource management, and entrepreneurship development, we help government agencies mitigate risk and optimize performance.


Gateway Institute's helps state governments at all levels that face unique performance challenges. Their mandate is to deliver a broad range of services and development projects in highly-visible, multi-stakeholder environments with limited resources, tight finances, budgetary controls, and short deadlines. Even in difficult economic circumstances, these entities are still expected to deliver transformative public services.


Our Solutions Include:

  • Government consulting
  • Strategic planning and policy development
  • Performance measurement, evaluation, and improvement
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Portfolio management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Compliance advisory
  • Inventory and valuation services
  • Public-private partnerships

Gateway Institute also provides business-consulting workshops, entrepreneurship training with the emphasis of business plan writing, and civic engagement for local, state and national elections. 


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