Gateway Institute seeks to increase its clients around 5000 individuals and families through the year. The current economic times have increased the already alarming rate of poverty in refugees, immigrants and low-income communities in Minnesota. The situation is considerably worse for them especially families led by single mothers with children who were already struggling to get by and who have fewer resources to weather the storm. 


Gateway Institute connects ambitious students with the resources they need to form teams and launch their own companies. What makes us unique from other entrepreneurs is that we’ve actually started businesses, and we continue to refine our projects and build new companies. We also partner with college and universities, local technology companies and startups to help qualified students find internships and employment opportunities. Among the programs we offer include financial literacy, entrepreneurship development with the emphasis of business writing, and business consultant. 


 We award certificate in entrepreneurship and small business management that presents a strong instructional foundation for launching and successfully operating a small business venture. The curriculum spans all stages of small business development, from defining an idea to finding and managing your finances to building marketing strategies and managing your operation. This professional certificate's course teaches clients how to finalize their business plan and practice the next steps to executing and managing a successful business. An advisory board of business entrepreneurs and other education leaders that Gateway Institute consults with oversees the entrepreneurship curriculum.





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